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What is Secularization?

What is Secularization?

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Has the age of faith given way to the age of reason? 

Although that’s a popular story of the way the world works, the actual evidence says something different: the world is becoming more religious, not less. 

In What Is Secularization?, Michael Horton addresses this pervasive ideology and wave of people who want to be spiritual but not religious. You see, secularization doesn’t destroy religion—it relocates it. It doesn’t eliminate theology—it offers new gods. It doesn’t “disenchant” us—it allures us with spirituality wherever we look. Ultimately, it leads to an exchange: Human beings aren’t creatures made in God’s image; instead, we’re essentially divine. 

This resource will help you understand the world around us while also pointing forward to the firm hope we have in the ultimate victory of Christ and his church. 

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