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VOL. 33, NO. 2 | The Head & the Heart

VOL. 33, NO. 2 | The Head & the Heart

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In this issue, our authors discuss the connection between the head and the heart in the Christian life. Human thinking and feeling operate in concert, for good or ill. At their worst, they drive us into unreasonable outbursts or self-justifying indifference. At their best, they perform in beautiful harmony, as we see supremely in Jesus. He thought everything through with utmost passion, and he reasoned skillfully in pursuing holy zeal. His thinking, feeling, and willing were perfectly aligned for our salvation and as our example—his heart beating in unison with his Father’s and with ours.

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  • Integrating Intellect and Emotions for the Sake of the Church: A Conversation with Joseph Byamukama | by Adam Smith
  • Heady Thoughts About Your Heart | by A. Craig Troxel
  • The Thoughts of the Heart | by Phillip Cary
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