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VOL. 33, NO. 1 | The Arts

VOL. 33, NO. 1 | The Arts

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In this Modern Reformation issue, we’re offering a theological perspective on a small sampling of the creative arts, and in this way hoping to contribute to helping fellow Christians evaluate, appreciate, and participate in them with enthusiasm and care. To supplement this issue, we interviewed a printmaker, Carla Meberg, about her journey as a Christian, an artist, and a patron of the arts.

Featured Articles:

  • Problematic Portraits: The Lutheran and Reformed Debate over Religious Images | by Harrison Perkins
  • Beauty, Art, and Images in Worship | Mark Mattes and Michael Horton Q&A
  • “What Language Shall I Borrow?” | by Jonathan Landry Cruse
  • The Unbearable Ambivalence of Film | by Mark Bowald
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