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VOL. 32, NO. 6 | The Rule of Faith

VOL. 32, NO. 6 | The Rule of Faith

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In this issue, we discuss the role of creeds and confessions in the Christian life. Secular historians often assume the ancient creeds were invented and imposed by church authorities to maintain theological conformity and thus control. But the early church fathers are adamant that the church didn’t determine its own rule of faith. The church didn’t add to Scripture our faith in the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit and their work of creation and redemption. The church received this faith from Scripture.

Featured Articles:

  • The Rule of Faith Illuminates the Bible by the Bible’s Own Light | by Todd R. Hains
  • Doing Theology with the Global Church | by Brannon Ellis
  • You Are What You Believe: How the Creed Defines Our Identity in Relation to God, Ourselves, and Others | by Joshua Pauling
  • The Communion of Saints in the Digital Age | by Jared L. Jones
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