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VOL. 31, NO. 6 | The Unity of Faith

VOL. 31, NO. 6 | The Unity of Faith

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In this issue, we look into what it means for our Reformation traditions to be catholic. In its more technical sense, “catholic” designates the unity and continuity of Christian teaching and corporal fellowship through time. So then, what does it mean to say that our own Reformation traditions are catholic?

Featured Articles:

  • Can Baptists Be Catholic? An Evangelical Baptist Perspective | by Rhyne R. Putman
  • Retrieving Catholicity: A Reformed Perspective | by Scott R. Swain
  • The Catholicity of the Anglican Tradition | by Justin S. Holcomb and Jared L. Jones
  • Exposing and Healing Rifts in the American Church | by Stephen Roberts
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