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VOL. 32, NO. 1 | The Spiritual Life

VOL. 32, NO. 1 | The Spiritual Life

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Why is so much of the Christian life lived between the twin poles of delight and despair? Caught in the middle, how do we cling to Christ and rely on his Spirit, trusting him to accomplish in us the slow and steady work of spiritual formation? In this issue on the Christian spiritual life, our contributors help us wrestle with such questions.

Featured Articles:

  • Reading the Song of Songs as Allegory with the Protestant Reformers | by Erin Risch Zoutendam
  • Opening the Heart with Holy Scripture | by Michael McClymond
  • Something Beautiful: On Christians Suffering Well | by J. D. “Skip” Dusenbury
  • The Burden of Theological Contemplation | by Charles Kim Jr.
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