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VOL. 9, NO. 6 | That Word Above All Earthly Powers: Preaching

VOL. 9, NO. 6 | That Word Above All Earthly Powers: Preaching

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In this issue, we discuss the Preached Word. The faithful preacher’s model is neither a charismatic leader at a rousing pep rally (moral), nor a resident intellectual delivering a brilliant lecture (doctrinal).  Instead, as an ordained emissary from a liberating King, he addresses his rag-tag assembly of misfits from a series of remote, irrelevant towns, to announce that—appearances to the contrary—they have been freed! The texts from which the emissary speaks often include exhortation toward behavior that is fitting in the Redeemer’s sight (moral), as well as rigorous explanation of what the Lord is and is not like (doctrinal).  But such exhortation and instruction are not the root of the authorized speech; rather, these are elements that find their place in a larger declarative framework announcing not primarily what they are to do and think—but what He has already accomplished, what He is now doing, and how He will ultimately triumph!

Featured Articles:

  • Wanted: Ministers Who Do Not Preach Themselves But Christ | by Michael S. Horton
  • Evaluating Sermons | by Derke Bergsma
  • What Would Jesus Preach? | by Brian J. Lee
  • A New Evaluative Question: “Would Jesus Have to Be Crucified to Make This Sermon Work?”: An interview with William Willimon | by William H. Willimon
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