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VOL. 30, NO. 6 | Earthly Power and the Christian

VOL. 30, NO. 6 | Earthly Power and the Christian

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The question of Christian engagement in culture and politics is a vexing one and always has been. At the theoretical and practical levels, agreement among Christians is hard to achieve. But, of course, this is no reason to give up the task. It is rather a reason to double the effort. So, in this issue of Modern Reformation, we look at Christians and earthly power at both levels.

Featured Articles:

  • Christian Culture Is Over: Why We Need St. Augustine, Not St. Abraham | by John Halsey Wood Jr.
  • Power, Politics, and Public Life: Reframing How Christians Engage in Culture | by Kristen Deede Johnson
  • From Orange to Pink: A History of Politics and Religion in South Africa’s Cape Town | by Simon Jooste
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