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VOL. 30, NO. 2 | Human Nature

VOL. 30, NO. 2 | Human Nature

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This basic Christian confession does not so much answer the question—who am I?—but gives our search for the answer a particular Christian shape. Understanding our creatureliness and our history as both fallen and redeemed invites us further to plumb the depths of this question. And so, we ask our more specific questions, and each new step fills out the contours of our creatureliness, our fallenness, our redemption. In this issue, we ask some of those further questions, prompted in large part by our culture’s ongoing probing of human identity.

Featured Articles:

  • More Alike Than Different | by Rachel Green Miller
  • Forever Young? Understanding Transhumansim | by Stefan Lindholm
  • Aggravated Sorrow: Some Theological and Pastoral Reflections on Acedia | by Phillip Hussey
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