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VOL. 3, NO. 6 | The Word Became Flesh

VOL. 3, NO. 6 | The Word Became Flesh

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The topic of this issue is the connection between art and faith. God created us in his own image, and he is the Great Artist. If we clearly distinguish creation and redemption, we can have Christians who can create art in the real world, with no other divine mandate than to do it well, and we can have worship services that are rooted in redemption, not entertainment in the guise of "ministry.” May we once again see the legitimacy of art and pleasure as a sphere of divine approval, without corrupting either art or religion with the confusion of creation with redemption, or vice versa.

Featured Articles:

  • Christ and Humanity | by Michael S. Horton
  • Theology from the Bottom Up, God from the Top Down | by Rick Ritchie
  • The Reformation & the Arts | by Gene Edward Veith
  • The Incarnation & Multiculturalism | by D. G. Hart
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