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VOL. 29, NO. 6 | Is Your Christianity Too Small?

VOL. 29, NO. 6 | Is Your Christianity Too Small?

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It is especially in tumultuous times that the tendency to develop tunnel vision looms large. At the same time that we have access to staggering amounts of data from all over the world at the scroll of a finger, we tend to see the issues in our own neck of the woods as if they were the only issues in all the world. In this issue, we ask an always important but especially timely question: Is your Christianity too small?

Featured Articles:

  • World Christian Diversity: How Gospel Multiculturalism Can Distinguish, Unite, and Evangelize the World | by Michael McClymond
  • Retrieving Catholicity: The Gift of Wholeness and the Task of Love in a Fragmented World | by Scott R. Swain
  • Why You Should Not Buy Into Confucianism | by John Warwick Montgomery
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