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VOL. 29, NO. 5 | Giving Discretion to the Youth

VOL. 29, NO. 5 | Giving Discretion to the Youth

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The discretion that wisdom bequeaths to those who take up abode with her is not simply a bare knowledge of right and wrong. It is the practical ability to traverse—patiently, courageously, astutely, rightly—the sometimes delightful, sometimes perilous, sometimes banal terrain of one’s own time and place. In this issue, we ask how we can give discretion to our youth, who find themselves en route in precisely such terrain.

Featured Articles:

  • The Age of Entitlement: A WHI Interview with Jean Twenge | by Jean Twenge and Michael S. Horton
  • Parenting Through Puberty | by David J. Ayers
  • Education and the Transcendentals: Orienting Our Kids to Goodness, Truth, and Beauty | by Ginny Owens
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