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VOL. 28, NO. 4 | Jesus, Our High Priest

VOL. 28, NO. 4 | Jesus, Our High Priest

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With just a few hours left before Jesus’ suffering and death on a cross, the Gospel of John shows him still at work: washing his disciples’ feet, teaching them about his unity with the Father, and praying for them and for those who would know him by their testimony. If you and I were given only hours to live, I imagine that our mind-set and our activities would be quite different from this. Jesus, however, faithfully fulfills his priestly ministry—right up until the moment he becomes the sacrifice. In this issue of Modern Reformation, we’ve asked three friends to tackle three important parts of Jesus’ final night with his disciples. 

Featured Articles:

  • Jesus Washes the Disciples’ Feet | by Darlene N. Böcek
  • Abiding in Jesus | by Jacob Smith
  • The High Priestly Prayer | by Hywel R. Jones
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