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VOL. 27, NO. 3 | The Holy Spirit

VOL. 27, NO. 3 | The Holy Spirit

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In this issue, we explore the role of the Holy Spirit in the Christian life. We’re the same frail-framed humans we always have been—our spirits are willing, but our flesh remains weak. If that’s so, then why is the Holy Spirit called the Helper? What does he help us do? Why did he allow the apostles to heal the lame, cure the sick, and give sight to the blind, but not us? Does the scientific age need signs and wonders less than a superstitious era?

Featured Articles:

  • Word, Water, Supper: The Work of the Spirit | by Michael S. Horton
  • Signs and Wonders | by Michael S. Horton, Justin Holcomb, Kim Riddlebarger, and Rod Rosenbladt
  • The Work of the Holy Spirit and the Ministry of the Word | by Hywel R. Jones
  • The Role of the Spirit in Current Trinitarian Controversies | by Nick Batzig
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