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VOL. 27, NO. 2 | The Crucifixion

VOL. 27, NO. 2 | The Crucifixion

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Jews may have been looking for someone who would restore the kingdom, and Greeks may have wanted epistemological enlightenment, but neither of them wanted a god who somehow became a man and saved people from a threat they knew nothing about, in order to usher in a kingdom they couldn’t see, by dying a shameful death on a cross. The paradox of the cross is one that continues today, centering on the mystery of how God himself could die for humans and what that means.

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  • Christ the Victim, Christ the Priest | by Rick Ritchie
  • From Plato to Glory | by Michael S. Horton and N.T. Wright
  • Bearing the Cross: John Calvin and the Adversities of Life | by Rev. Marcus J. Servern
  • The Power of the Cross | by David Avila
  • A Wrathless God has Victims | by Jason Micheli
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