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VOL. 26, NO. 1 | Finding Yourself in God’s Story

VOL. 26, NO. 1 | Finding Yourself in God’s Story

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We begin this issue by returning to basic categories of doctrine: the who, what, where, when, and how of God’s activity in the world. To do so, we’re borrowing a construct from our editor-in-chief, Michael Horton, that he explores in his new book Core Christianity: the four “D’s” of “Drama,” “Doctrine,” “Discipleship,” and “Doxology. We believe this construct goes far in connecting deep theological truths to the real lives of God’s creatures.

Featured Articles:

  • Discipleship in the Local Church: Spiritual Burden or Spiritual Safety? | by Brian Croft
  • Why Doctrine Matters Now More than Ever | by Whitney Gamble
  • Face-to-Face Discipleship in a Facebook World | by John J. Bombaro
  • “All People to Myself” | by Michael S. Horton
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