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VOL. 24, NO. 6 | Who Is Jesus?

VOL. 24, NO. 6 | Who Is Jesus?

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The popularity and malleability of Jesus in our day makes him an unwilling accomplice to politicians, entertainers, and religious charlatans. The more Jesus is used and abused in the pursuit of someone else’s goals, the harder it is to determine where the Jesus of our imaginations ends and the Jesus of history begins. This issue of Modern Reformation is intended to help us remember the profound revelation given to Peter, that Jesus is the Christ, the son of the living God.

Featured Articles:

  • The Story of the Lamb | by Nancy Guthrie
  • In Christ Two Natures Met to Be Thy Cure| by Scott R. Swain
  • False Jesuses: A Brief History of Heresies | by Kim Riddlebarger
  • Jesus According to Pop Culture | by David Zahl
  • Come and See | by Timothy Keller
  • The Good News of Christ’s Kingship | by Mika Edmondson
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