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VOL. 22, NO. 5 | Secularizing Religion

VOL. 22, NO. 5 | Secularizing Religion

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This issue introduces a challenging debate that has raged over the past twenty-five years: The question of whether and how the modern world has transformed religion in general and Christianity in particular. Largely academic and usually referred to as the “secularization debate,” its significance for our lives together as Christians is enormous.

Featured Articles:

  • The Megachurch and the Politics of Desire | by Piotr J. Malysz
  • How to Listen to a Building | by C. R. Wiley and David Stocker
  • The Sin and the Fury | by Zach Keele
  • The Decline of Religion - Q&A with Steve Bruce | by Steve Bruce
  • The Secularization Thesis | by Michael S. Horton
  • Losing Our Kids to Secularism | by Shane Rosenthal
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