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VOL. 20, NO. 5 | Social Justice: Social Gospel?

VOL. 20, NO. 5 | Social Justice: Social Gospel?

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In this issue, we take up an important discussion of the gospel and social justice. This is a timely topic, as many readers know, and we are eager to help Reformation-minded Christians discern the difference between the Great Commission given by Jesus to the church and the Great Commandment to love our neighbor’a command similarly issued by Jesus in the New Testament but also rooted in creation and therefore applicable to all people, believer and unbeliever alike.

Featured Articles:

  • Justification and Justice | by Michael S. Horton
  • The Vocations of Christians and the Ministry of the Church | by David VanDrunen
  • Eschatology by Ethos | by Kim Riddlebarger
  • Analyzing the Social and Political Activism of the Black Church in Light of the Two-Kingdoms Motif | by Ken Jones
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