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VOL. 2, NO. 1 | The Megashift

VOL. 2, NO. 1 | The Megashift

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In this issue, we discuss what some theologians are calling a "megashift" in evangelical theology. As we will see, it is not the first reaction against the difficult parts of the biblical message within the Christian community itself, and it is not likely to be the last. We believe that the debate at hand is the debate of the ages. Assuming different titles throughout history, it is the age-old struggle between grace and works, justification by imputation versus justification by transformation, the priority of objective versus subjective schemes. It is the struggle for souls and the stakes are higher than mere theological speculation.

Featured Articles:

  • What Is the Megashift? | by Michael S. Horton
  • God’s Sovereignty and God’s Free Will | by Dr. Robert Strimple
  • Haven’t We Seen This Megashift Before? | by Dr. Robert Godfrey
  • The Legal Nature of the Atonement | by Michael S. Horton
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