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VOL. 18, NO. 4 | A Feast in a Fast-Food World

VOL. 18, NO. 4 | A Feast in a Fast-Food World

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Our modern obsession with convenience at the expense of nutrition and real enjoyment of food has been chronicled by both secular and Christian observers. In these discussions, our attitude toward food becomes a window through which we can evaluate how we approach all of life. But what is often missing from the discussion is how this drive toward convenience affects the worship and witness of the church. In this issue of Modern Reformation, we're advocating a slow-food approach to the spiritual nourishment Christians receive from the hand of God, himself, in his Word and Supper.

Featured Articles:

  • Feasting in a Fast-Food World | by Michael S. Horton
  • More than Meets the Mouth Or, the Meaning of Meals | by Kenneth A. Myers
  • Local Church, Local Restaurant | by Michael Brown
  • Holy Communion as a Strategic Plan for Church Growth | by John J. Bombaro
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