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VOL. 18, NO. 3 | Jesus Among other Christs

VOL. 18, NO. 3 | Jesus Among other Christs

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The books of the Bible operate under the assumption that God's people will confess and witness their faith in pluralistic situations, where Jesus is just one of many competing messiahs, all looking for their market share of religious devotion. It's in that vein that we offer this issue of Modern Reformation.

Featured Articles:

  • Nathan the Naive: Pluralism, Postmodernism, and Playing to the Gallery | by Michael S. Horton
  • The Real Christ Has Stood Up | by Peter D. Anders
  • Jesus, Muslims, and the Gospel | by Adam S. Francisco
  • The Gospel and Africa | by Stephen Roberts
  • “For the Sake of the Story” | by Donald T. Williams
  • Athanasius Again | by Eric Bierker
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