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VOL. 16, NO. 6 | Using God

VOL. 16, NO. 6 | Using God

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Soli Deo gloria reflects the Reformation's emphasis on a theology of the cross as much as any other sola. But American Christians, have rejected the theology of the cross-of glory hidden in meekness, of wisdom revealed through foolishness, of power made powerful in weakness-in favor of a theology of glory that does not worship God so much as it uses God. In this issue, we explore this folly of so much of our own thinking about God.

Featured Articles:

  • Using God | by Kim Riddlebarger
  • Can We Give God Glory? | by Michael S. Horton
  • Our Calling and God’s Glory | by Gene Edward Veith
  • To God Alone Be Glory Forever | by John Piper
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