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VOL. 16, NO. 5 | The Art of Self-Justification

VOL. 16, NO. 5 | The Art of Self-Justification

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Sola Fide, by faith alone, was the central issue of the Protestant Reformation and has been relegated to the dustbin of theological history by many of the Reformation's heirs. To confess that salvation is by faith alone-not by a faith formed by love, or a faith supported by works, or a faith that obeys-is as foreign in many "Protestant" churches as it would be in the average Roman Catholic parish. In this issue, we explore how this came to be.

Featured Articles:

  • Does Justification Still Matte? | by Michael S. Horton
  • God Is Just | by Todd Wilken
  • Why Sola Fide is the Chief Article | by Steven R. J. Parks
  • Assumed Evangelicalism | by David Gibson
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