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VOL. 15, NO. 5 | Has God Failed?

VOL. 15, NO. 5 | Has God Failed?

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Does modern-day Israel, the nation-state that was founded after British occupation ended in 1948, have a special place in God’s plan? Are Bible teachers like Hal Lindsey correct in their proclamation that the resurgence of Israel as a political entity heralds the end of these last days? Must American Christians support the policies of such a state, regardless of their means or ends, in order to secure God’s blessing? This issue of Modern Reformation takes up these old and important questions; and within Paul’s reflection on the Jewish people in Romans 9-11 we also reexamine God’s electing work of salvation.

Featured Articles:

  • Remnant: Who Is Israel? | by Michael S. Horton
  • Is God Unfair? | by J. I. Packer
  • Called by the King | by Peter D. Anders
  • Arminian | Calvinist
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