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VOL. 14, NO. 5 | Shall We Still Protest?

VOL. 14, NO. 5 | Shall We Still Protest?

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“Shall We Still Protest?”is a question more important now than perhaps at any time since the Reformation. This issue of Modern Reformation has two goals: to lay out the areas of doctrinal disagreements between Roman Catholics and Protestants and to prod our own churches to work harder at realizing the visible unity of the church of Christ that he promised to us just hours before his death secured that unity now and forever.

Featured Articles:

  • Can We Be Confessional and Catholic? | by Michael S. Horton
  • Reformation Chart | by R. Scott Clark
  • Turning Homeward? Not an Option | by Paul F. M. Zahl
  • Does Protestantism Have What Evangelicals are Looking For? | by Darryl Hart
  • A Brief History of the Papacy | by Tom Wenger
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