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VOL. 14, NO. 4 | Faith A La Carte? The Emergent Church

VOL. 14, NO. 4 | Faith A La Carte? The Emergent Church

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In this issue, we discuss the Emergent Church Movement. Will the Emergent Church be anything other than another passing evangelical fad? To be a real force for good within Evangelicalism the movement will have to go beyond Evangelicalism and appropriate a churchly tradition that gives it real depth, not just an ecclesiological field guide. Otherwise, their efforts at reform will be truncated, for Evangelicalism can’t be reformed. By its very nature the movement is shaped not by confession or doctrine but by personality, culture, and circumstance. And thus far, that seems to be what is shaping the efforts of the Emergent Church as well.

Featured Articles:

  • The Emerging Church | by D. A. Carson
  • Experiencing Emergent | by Shane Rosenthal
  • Settlers, Pilgrims, and Wanderers | by Michael S. Horton
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