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VOL. 13, NO. 6 | Peace on Earth

VOL. 13, NO. 6 | Peace on Earth

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In this issue, we discuss the significance of the Advent season. The offense of the cross—an essential part of the faithful proclamation of “peace on earth”—does not fit the saccharine sentimentality of the Christmas season. But when paired with the expectation of the Second Advent,“peace on earth” becomes the foundation of hope for those who are oppressed. “Peace on earth” is the announcement that God has broken in and is among us and the world will never be the same again for his coming.

Featured Articles:

  • Earth on Peace and Peace on Earth | by Shane Rosenthal
  • When Peace Seems Our of Reach | by Harold L. Senkbeil
  • Terrifying Peace | by Michael S. Horton
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