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VOL. 13, NO. 2 | Forgiven, Forgiving

VOL. 13, NO. 2 | Forgiven, Forgiving

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The whole notion of forgiveness is foreign to our nature. We are wired for the law and the gospel is always a surprise to us. In this issue, we explore how forgiveness is at the heart of the foolishness of the cross. But the folly of God is the very thing that transforms our foolish lives, once lived according to law and justice, into righteous lives, now resting in and sharing the forgiveness that God imparts to us.

Featured Articles:

  • Something God Cannot Do | by Michael S. Horton
  • Why Should God Forgive Your Sins? | by Donald G. Mazat
  • Whom Does God Forgive? | by James R. White
  • “After Such Knowledge, What Forgiveness?” | by Patricia Anders
  • Remembering the Resurrection | by Rick Kennedy
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