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VOL. 12, NO. 4 | Reaching Out In Our Time

VOL. 12, NO. 4 | Reaching Out In Our Time

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That thing called “postmodernism” has been the catalyst for a reevaluation of many aspects of ministry and theology in our time. In this issue, we wanted to ask the hard questions that church leaders and members are facing in this challenging era: How should my church change with the times?How can I be faithful to Scripture and my confessional commitments and still be relevant to a watching world?Does it matter what we do as long as we are effective?

Featured Articles:

  • The Dangers and Delights of Postmodernism | by D. A. Carson
  • Pop Goes Postmodern | by Michael S. Horton
  • The Key to Postmodern Evangelism | by Rico Tice
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