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VOL. 11, NO. 5 | This is My Father’s World

VOL. 11, NO. 5 | This is My Father’s World

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In this issue, our authors discuss God’s providence. It is sometimes difficult to sing with conviction that this bloody sod upon which we live is truly our “Father’s world.” Terror, grief, illness, despair, suffering, and death—both personally and corporately—are enough to shake the strongest faith. The “problem of evil” really is a serious point of contention for apologetics and pastoral ministry. But a correct understanding of providence reveals that we do not need to choose between a good— but weak— God and a powerful—but capricious— God; for God has made known his power in weakness.

Featured Articles:

  • Providence and Common Grace | by Michael S. Horton
  • Suffering, Death, and the Hidden God | by William M. Cwirla
  • God’s World, Good People, and Bad Things: An Interview with Rabbi Harold Kushner | by Rabbi Harold Kushner
  • God’s Providence Over All | by Mark R. Talbot
  • Human Sin and God’s Purpose | by Kim Riddlebarger
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