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VOL. 10, NO. 4 | Living in Exile: Tourists, Seekers, & Pilgrims

VOL. 10, NO. 4 | Living in Exile: Tourists, Seekers, & Pilgrims

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“Seeker-sensitive” is the new way of describing a congregation keen to reach the lost. It used to be that the way to tell whether a church had the proper zeal for the gospel was to look at its budget for foreign missions. Today it is by looking at its bulletin and worship—is everything accessible to outsiders or will visitors (i.e., the lost) be confused and led astray? The assumption is that aggressive evangelism is what constitutes a healthy church. Are believers sufficiently concerned with those who do not believe? If not, the logic runs, then those Christians are likely ingrown. The teaching of the Bible is the great leveler of the “seeker-sensitive” versus “ingrown” church debate. On this side of the second coming, Christians are seekers every bit as much as the seekers for whom seeker sensitive churches are designed.

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  • Seekers or Tourists?: Or the Difference Between Pilgrimage and Vacation | by Michael S. Horton
  • Lost & Found According to the Gospel | by Brian Hamer
  • Something Short of Redemption | by John R. Muether
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