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VOL. 10, NO. 2 | Evangelicalism(TM) Who Owns It?

VOL. 10, NO. 2 | Evangelicalism(TM) Who Owns It?

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In this issue is devoted to an issue many of our readers have asked for: a brief consideration of what exactly “Evan-gelicalism” is. Some think that Evangelicalism is a lineal descendent of the Reformation, and has simply fallen on hard times in the last two or three decades. For others, Evangelicalism is chiefly an outgrowth of the early nineteenth century’s “Second Great Awakening”—which means that the movement has been, from its very emergence, an attack on the regulated preaching of the Word, a serious attention to the Sacraments, and churchly discipline.

Featured Articles:

  • The Battles Over the Label “Evangelical” | by Michael S. Horton
  • How Do Creeds, Confessions, and Catechisms Differ From “Statements of Faith”? | by Richard Lints
  • Unity and Diversity in the New Testament | by Shane Rosenthal
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