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VOL. 1, NO. 6 | God Justifies the Wicked

VOL. 1, NO. 6 | God Justifies the Wicked

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In this issue, we discuss the doctrine of justification. As Bunyan's Pilgrim learned, only in the doctrine of justification on account of Christ alone, through faith alone, is the deepest question of the human conscience answered in a way that renders all other pursuits, all other goals, all other questions empty and shallow by comparison. And only here does the broken sinner discover something that is more relevant than today's latest fashions, more deeply satisfying than the world's richest treasures, and more liberating than all the shallow jingles that grown-ups fool themselves into believing.

Featured Articles:

  • But Is It Relevant? | by Michael S. Horton
  • Reclaiming the Doctrine of Justification | by Rod Rosenbladt
  • Christ Is My Worth | by Donald G. Matzat
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