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VOL. 1, NO. 4 | How Pro-Life Are You?

VOL. 1, NO. 4 | How Pro-Life Are You?

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In this issue, we explore what it means to be truly “pro-life.” Evangelicals rightly protest the murder of the unborn and decry the silence of those who refuse to defend those who have no voice to defend themselves. Nevertheless, that same silence hovers secretly over the same impassioned group when children die senselessly after they're born. Shouldn't there be an outrage of equal proportions? Or are we just caught up in the glitz and glamour of political debates? Until Christians put their theology fIrst, their activism will mean little.

Featured Articles:

  • Just How Pro-Life Are You Really? | by Michael S. Horton
  • Legislating Morality | by John Warwick Montgomery
  • A Transforming Vision of Life | by Stephen Monsma
  • Thinking Like Christians in a TV Culture | by Rick Ritchie
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